Supply Chain

Supply Chain

DSRL operates under contract to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Cavendish Dounreay Partnership Ltd (CDP), a consortium of Cavendish Nuclear, CH2M and AECOM. It is funded by the NDA to deliver the Dounreay site closure programme. As such, the procurement strategy is influenced (amongst other things by CDP, the NDA, and the statutory and ethical requirements of being publicly funded.

This page provides information for existing suppliers and those seeking to become a supplier.

Procurement Strategy and Policy:

Dounreay Procurement and Supply Chain Strategy March 2016

Dounreay policy on addressing socio-economic issues in procurement

Supply Chain Charter

Supplier Complaints Procedure

The supply chain mapping document highlights the major contracts associated with each of the decommissioning projects areas, and where appropriate lists the Tier 2 contractors involved. It is updated annually.


LINC with Dounreay is a new, exciting innovation scheme offering small and medium enterprises the opportunity to collaborate and support the site’s decommissioning programme. For more information click here.


Procurement at Dounreay:

The Dounreay Procurement Plan details procurements planned in the following 24 months.  This plan is updated and published monthly. Name and contact details for the contracting officer managing individual procurements are available via the plan.

Please note: tender dates are a current reflection of DSRL plans, and may be altered subject to business requirements.

DSRL advertises its procurement opportunities on the following platforms:

Further information on the wider opportunities to work with our client, the NDA, can be found on the NDA suppliers web pages.


Becoming a supplier at Dounreay


DSRL does not operate an ‘approved suppliers list’.  The majority of our opportunities for works and supplies are subject to competitive tender. Suppliers are required to register on the Complete Tender Management website (CTM) and respond to a set of standard prequalification questions.

On this website you can see the current opportunities being advertised as well as details of how to register as a supplier. To access all the tender opportunities across the NDA estate, change the dropdown default from “Local” to “All”.

Suppliers may indicate an interest in work for DSRL by responding to a specific (particular package of work) entry on CTM or OJEU advertisement, by forwarding an Expression of Interest for that requirement through CTM.

Commercial services and contract project managers jointly decide how to assure themselves that any supplier meets the criteria for the proposed contract. This is generally through a weighted and scored method to ensure objectivity and probity of process. For work subject to the EU Directives the process for assessing submissions is recorded in a Pre-Qualification procedure (PQQ) drafted in accordance with the Directives.

For all requirements suppliers are requested to complete the generic PQQ in CTM. This allows generic (global) prequalification information to be stored in CTM for use each time a supplier expresses interest in a specific contract. Specific requirements which are over and above the generic prequalification information are requested via additional questions published in CTM.

If you have any CTM queries, please email the CTM Helpdesk, accessed by:

  • Clicking the ‘Help Required’ link on the CTM logon page
  • Clicking the ‘Need Help’ address on your CTM home page
  • Directly emailing

Useful Information

Insurance Requirements:

Information on Insurance provisions or working on a nuclear site.

Standard Purchase Order conditions:

The following are standard conditions for doing business with DSRL and apply when an order or contract has been issued without any specific conditions attached. Typically these are orders for low value goods and services. Where specific conditions of contract have been attached to an order or contract they will take precedence over these standard conditions.

Ordering & Invoicing:

Delivering to site: