Health & Safety

Health & Safety

DSRL is required to comply with nuclear safety legislation in the UK.

The Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) is responsible for regulation of nuclear safety and security across the UK.

DSRL is licensed to operate a nuclear site under the Nuclear Installations Act

Nuclear Site Licence (ONR’s Licence Condition Handbook)

DSRL is responsible for managing the chemical and radiological hazards at Dounreay in a way that protects people and the environment.

We invest a great deal of effort in our systems and practices to ensure our operations are conducted safely.

We work tirelessly on our culture, to encourage the very best behaviours and nurture an attitude where safety becomes second nature.

Our Safety Health Environment Quality (SHEQ) Policy commits DSRL to minimise the environment impact of our activities, comply with all relevant environmental legislation, have an environmental management system certificated to ISO14001, and to continually improve environmental performance.

Project profiles on heath & safety are available