Site Closure

Site Closure

Our objective in decommissioning Dounreay is to close down the site and leave it in a safe condition for future generations.

decommissioning Dounreay

Environmental closure for Dounreay means that the risk of harm to humans and the environment has been reduced to acceptable levels for reasonably foreseeable uses.

Completion of decommissioning is known as the “interim end state” – the point when the remaining nuclear fuel has been removed, all the redundant buildings have been cleaned out and the radioactive waste made safe for long-term storage or disposal.

After the interim end state is achieved, no further remediation activities will be required.

The site will continue to be managed, maintained, and monitored until the final end point is reached.

The final end state, when the site can be released for all uses, was the subject of local consultation by the site stakeholder group.

It will be achieved following a period of institutional control currently assumed to be in the 2030’s.

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