Fuel Cycle Area

Fuel Cycle Area

The Fuel Cycle Area (FCA) is a high security area within the licensed site.

It houses the facilities that historically handled, recycled and stored the site’s nuclear waste. Most of the buildings were built in the 1950s.

The fast reactor fuel cycle took place in these facilities. They were used for the manufacture of fuel elements, post-irradiated examination of irradiated fuel, fuel reprocessing, waste holding, treatment and analytical services and research in laboratories.

The facilities are being decommissioned. This involves the initial post-operational clean out; decontamination and dismantling of the facilities followed by final demolition and environmental restoration.

Some of the facilities continue to operate, holding, managing and processing historical waste.

New facilities have been built to process historical waste and to manage waste arising from the decommissioning of site. These include the cementation plant and the waste supercompaction plant, which will be decommissioned and demolished once their job is complete.

The decommissioning work is managed by DSRL and carried out by a flexible skilled team of DSRL and contractor decommissioning operatives.

Project profiles on Fuel Cycle Area are available