Phase three planning application

Phase three planning application

Dounreay Site Restoration Limited has submitted a planning application to the Highland Council covering a series of decommissioning projects expected to take place between 2018 and the site’s shut down, also known as the interim end state.

The application, which is the last of three planning phases covering the overall decommissioning of the site, follows engagement undertaken earlier this year including public events and an opportunity to comment on draft documents online.

The Highland Council will now make the application, drawings and other related documents available for inspection.

Phil Craig, Dounreay Managing Director, said: “While this next phase in our decommissioning mission signifies a step change in visible decommissioning, with skyline changes expected as reactor buildings and other structures are ultimately removed, there will be no change to our highest priorities – safety, security and environmental protection.

“We are grateful to everyone who provided views, comments or questions during our pre-planning consultation which allowed us to take these views on board before submitting the application.”