PFR fuel begins to leave Dounreay

PFR fuel begins to leave Dounreay

The next phase of the programme to defuel Dounreay is underway.

A batch of fuel manufactured for the Prototype Fast Reactor but never used arrived safely at Sellafield today.

The cargo is the latest fuel to be removed from Dounreay as part of a programme that started in 2001 following the decision to close down the site. The programme is expected to take several more years to complete.

The safe arrival of the first of the fuel from the Prototype Fast Reactor follows the successful completion earlier this year of the first phase of transports of breeder material from the Dounreay Fast Reactor to Sellafield.  The DFR closed in 1977 and the PFR in 1994.

Alex Anderson, DSRL’s director of operations for the transport, said: “Each fuel move requires a great deal of preparation and co-ordination across the industry, regulators, government and police.

"I’m very grateful to everyone who played their part in delivering this first consignment safely and securely, without harm.”