Fire engine finds new role at Dounreay

Fire engine finds new role at Dounreay

Dounreay has acquired a third fire engine thanks to the NDA’s Asset Register.

Now that Sizewell has defueled, the site has disbanded its fire team, and is looking for new homes for their firefighting equipment.

They put the equipment onto the NDA’s Asset Register, which enables other SLCs to apply for the equipment, and ensures that it is re-used.

The NDA’s database contains assets such as vehicles, trailers, cranes or monitors held within the estate which are available for re-use by SLCs free of charge. The only cost to the SLC is the cost of transport.

Dounreay was looking for a third fire engine to ensure that the site has at least two fire appliances available at all times; to comply with a requirement from the ONR Inspector for Fire Safety.

The fire engine came up the road from Suffolk on the back of a Stevens lorry, and was formally handed over to DSRL by Sizewell’s former fire team leader, Mark Thurston.

NDA Contract Manager John Lawes said: “This is another example of the savings in cost and schedule that can be made from using the Asset Register and we encourage DSRL’s project teams to check it regularly”.

DSRL’s Fire Chief Colin Mackay thanked Mark for his help with arrangements for the fire engine’s journey north, and commented that both SLCs were sharing best practice on learning and development.

He plans to use the fire engine for at least the next decade, as the DFARS back-up appliance.

DSRL is in discussion with Sizewell about other items on the NDA Asset Register.