Leaflet describes material leaving Dounreay

Leaflet describes material leaving Dounreay

Dounreay has published an updated version of its information leaflet Radioactive Materials at Dounreay.

The fold-out leaflet explains how site closure is yielding nuclear fuel and radioactive waste and how each is being managed.

Nuclear fuel can be re-used to generate electricity. So far, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, which owns the stock at Dounreay, has decided to return just under half to national stocks, with decisions expected soon on the remainder.

In addition, a small amount of the radioactive waste at Dounreay belongs to the operators of foreign research reactors. Under the return-of-waste obligations associated with historic reprocessing contracts, arrangements are being made for operators to take back their waste.

Radioactive Materials at Dounreay – updated 2012

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