Another gap appears in Fuel Cycle Area

Another gap appears in Fuel Cycle Area

Another gap has opened up in the skyline of Dounreay with the demolition of the latest redundant facility.

The building known as D1207 was constructed in 1957 and formed part of the area of site known as the Fuel Cycle Area.

Thirty-six metres in length, 11 metres high and 11 metres wide, the building was used until 1988 to decontaminate items that had come into contact with radioactive materials. It also served as an incinerator for combustible low-active waste.

The building was designed with a high central section aligned east/west, a pitched roof and steel-framed, asbestos-cement clad walls with high level glazing, a pattern of construction used widely on the Dounreay site.

Following work to decontaminate the facility and strip out redundant equipment, great care was taken during its dismantling because of the building’s proximity to operational plants where waste from the site decommissioning is managed.