PM’s praise for Dounreay workforce

PM’s praise for Dounreay workforce

Prime Minister David Cameron has praised workers at Dounreay for going beyond the call of duty to protect themselves and the environment from harm.

He was speaking as the company responsible for demolishing the redundant nuclear site emerged as one of only three in the UK to qualify for the country’s highest awards for workplace safety and environmental protection.

The British Safety Council said an independent audit of Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd found “exemplary health and safety systems that are among the best in the world”.

A second assessment of its environmental standards found that DSRL “go beyond compliance and strive for best practice in all areas of environmental management”.

The company, a contractor to the UK Government’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, received the council’s highest awards at an event in London.

Prime Minister Cameron said: “These awards recognise the crucial success that these organisations and their employees have achieved in their pursuit of excellence in the management of health, safety and environmental matters at an international level at a time of global challenge.

“This event provides an opportunity to publicly recognise the important contribution made by the British Safety Council in promoting health, safety and environmental best practice.

“The Government would like to place on record its appreciation of the support given by the British Safety Council in raising public awareness of the benefits effective health, safety and environmental management brings to businesses, employees, the environment and economy as a whole.

“I am confident that by continuing to work in partnership with the British Safety Council, other stakeholders, employers and employees, we can tackle the many challenges we face to achieve a healthier, safer and sustainable society. We will strive to accomplish our goals in reducing the burden on employers and employees and cutting the many millions of working days currently lost each year across the world through work-related ill health and injury.”

DSRL chairman Stephen White said: “Everyone, from the clean-up teams stepping inside some of the most hazardous facilities in Britain through to the managing director, is working tirelessly to develop a culture where we do not tolerate any harm, be it personal or environmental. We are delighted to receive this recognition from the British Safety Council.”

Lynda Armstrong, chair of the British Safety Council, said: “Winning the Sword of Honour and Globe of Honour is testimony to your organisation’s and your employees’ commitment to achieving and sustaining the highest standards of health, safety and environmental management.

“The tremendous knowledge and competence that you have applied in managing key business risks is rewarded and recognised today. We will continue to work with you to publicise the benefits that flow from the effective management of workplace health and safety and the environment."