Workers get a glimpse of life after Dounreay

Workers get a glimpse of life after Dounreay

Workers shutting down Scotland’s biggest nuclear site are getting a chance to learn more about new industry that could provide them with jobs in the future.

An information room has been set up on the Dounreay site to showcase a number of business initiatives set to transform the economy of the north Highlands.

A key feature of the area’s regeneration plan is major growth in renewable energy, with a potential investment of £6 billion over the coming years.

This includes the construction of Scotland’s newest power station in the tidal races of the Pentland Firth and an expansion of wind energy offshore.

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and its site closure contractor are backing the regeneration plan, which aims to develop new jobs that can sustain the area’s economy when Dounreay has gone.

The information room lets workers find out more about the various initiatives being implemented under the banner of the Caithness and North Sutherland Regeneration Partnership.

Ken Nicol, socio economics manager at site closure company DSRL, said: “There’s a lot of hard work going on through the regeneration partnership. You just have to look at the exciting new development at Scrabster harbour, the new construction work at the North Highland College and the ambitious Chamber of Commerce project "Make the Right Connections" to see that real progress is being made.”

The NDA’s socio-economics manager Anna Macconnell added: "The NDA, DSRL and the parent body are working well together to do what we can to make sure there is an economic future for Caithness and North Sutherland . The information room will give the Dounreay workforce the chance to see what we are aiming towards and an opportunity to give their views on the directions we choose. Well done to Ken and his team."