Dounreay passes milestone in worker safety

Dounreay passes milestone in worker safety

So far this year the Dounreay site has had over eleven thousand individual entries by workers wearing full protective gear and entering highly radioactive and hazardous areas.

Site clean-up decreases the hazards to the public, but the hazards faced by workers can increase as they penetrate parts of the plant that were out of their reach during its operation, so safety must be at the forefront of everything we do.

Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd today recorded 502 consecutive days without a lost-time accident – an injury that keeps someone off their work longer than three days.

This is equivalent to 4.79 million man-hours – the longest consecutive period the site has ever gone without a lost-time accident.

DSRL assurance director Alan Scullion enforced the importance of safety during the busy demolition phase of closing down the site.

"We are totally committed to a positive safety culture on site, where everyone is involved in keeping themselves and their colleagues safe," he said. "Our staff, contractors and safety representatives can feel proud that they are helping us to be one of the safest workplaces in Britain.”

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