BBC probes the nature of Dounreay

BBC probes the nature of Dounreay

What is the environment of a nuclear site like?

BBCTV’s The One Show came to Dounreay on Monday and Tuesday to find out.

They discovered the natural environment behind the public image of a large industrial complex in the throes of being dismantled.

Camera-traps laid in a burn that runs through the site recorded some of the mammals, such as stoat, that inhabit the site.

On the foreshore, they discovered one of Scotland’s most important breeding grounds for arctic tern.

Adjacent to the site, they found thousands of rare Scottish Primrose being protected from huge quarrying equipment that will soon excavate Scotland’s first nuclear waste disposal site for 50 years.

TV naturalist Mike Dilger will present the feature exploring the natural environment of Dounreay.

He said: “The One Show team were delighted with both our warm welcome and the quality of the wildlife to be found across the site. Everything from stoats to Scottish Primrose were filmed by the team and we’re really excited about showing the footage to a wider audience.”

Simon Cottam, an environmental adviser at DSRL who was interviewed for the film, said: “The quality of the environment is an important indicator of how well the work is being carried out to shut down and restore the site.”