Rough sea halts clean-up

Rough sea halts clean-up

Offshore clean-up contractor Land and Marine recovered 50 particles from the seabed before bad weather caused a suspension of its operation.

The company’s platform, the 60m-long barge LM Constructor, has now been towed to shelter in Thurso Bay until the weather improves.

The latest phase of work offshore started on May 6 when a remotely-operated vehicle returned to the seabed to seek out high activity fragments.

DSRL set Land and Marine the task of covering a minimum of 16.5 hectares this year.

The company completed a third of the area by Monday, May 16, when the decision was taken to stand down until operating conditions improve.

In a separate development, diving contractor Caldive completed the annual inspection of the site’s effluent diffuser on the seabed at the weekend.