Museum to expand Dounreay exhibition

Museum to expand Dounreay exhibition

A new permanent exhibition is planned about the role of Dounreay in the development of nuclear energy in the 20th century.

Caithness Horizons wants to increase its capacity to display the heritage of the site.

The community-owned museum and visitor centre in Thurso is receiving an increasing number of artefacts about Dounreay as more of the site is dismantled and knocked down.

Museums Galleries Scotland has awarded £11,881 towards the project from a fund for “recognised collections of national significance”.

Caithness Horizons curator Joanne Howdle said: “The Dounreay collection is one of our most unique. We are delighted to be able to make it more accessible now with this grant from Musuems Galleries Scotland.”

Dounreay was the first nuclear site in the UK last year to produce a heritage strategy to preserve its history once the site itself has gone.

James Gunn, heritage officer at Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd, said the project would help to secure the site’s place in history.

“Our strategy aims to leave in place a cultural legacy that will allow future generations to interpret the global significance of Dounreay to industrial development in the 20th century,” he said.

“Increasing the capacity of the museum in Thurso to care for this heritage is an important part of this, so we welcome the proposal and the award of funding by Museums Galleries Scotland.”