Oil and gas award goes to Dounreay safety reps

Oil and gas award goes to Dounreay safety reps

Safety reps in Britain’s offshore oil and gas industry say a close working relationship with their counterparts in nuclear decommissioning at Dounreay has helped to improve safety in two of Britain’s most hazardous industries.

Trade union safety reps from both industries have worked closely together in recent years, visiting each other’s facilities and sharing experience of their roles.

The reps play a key role in the safety culture of both industries, promoting safer ways of working and challenging unsafe practices which could put their members at risk.

Now, for the first time, an annual award for “outstanding contribution” to the work of safety reps in Britain’s oil and gas sector has gone to reps from another industry.

The Steve Best Award went to safety reps involved in decommissioning the former nuclear research site at Dounreay.

Sandy Fraser and John Deighan, safety reps with the Unite union at Dounreay, collected the award at the latest meeting of the forum for safety reps from BP installations.

“I’ve no doubt the knowledge we’ve gained of safety practices in the oil and gas sector has helped us do our job better at Dounreay and I’m pleased the BP safety reps feel the same way,” said John Deighan.

The award singles out “individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the work of the forum”.