Sphere repaint under review

Sphere repaint under review

The redundant reactor inside the sphere is a major chemical and radiological hazard.

The sphere is designed to contain a leak or explosion during its decommissioning.

We are making good progress to reduce the hazard safely.

On current timescales, we expect decommissioning of the reactor to take another 15-20 years to complete, at which point the sphere will be redundant.

Its safe decommissioning is a priority for the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and the UK Government, which funds this work.

DSRL, as a contractor that relies on public funds, is looking to reduce the cost of decommissioning the site to the lowest level needed to get the job done safely.

This includes reviewing whether there is any further need to paint the sphere

Historically, the sphere has been repainted every 10 years, at an estimated cost of £500,000.