Dounreay updates site closure plan

Dounreay updates site closure plan

Dounreay’s site closure programme is changing shape as the site falls into line with a cap on funding and prepares for the appointment of a new parent body organisation for the site licence company.

Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd has spent the last 10 months making adjustments to the long-range forward plan.

This follows an announcement in February by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority about how much money will be available to do the work each year from 2011.

A revised programme, with a spending limit of £150 million a year, has been presented to the NDA and will become the basis upon which two consortia compete to become the new parent body of DSRL.

The revised programme will evolve again in 2012 when the successful bidder acquires DSRL and begins to integrate the proposals in its winning tender.

DSRL officials have been meeting companies in the supply chain to set out the contracting opportunities available in the next few years.

This will include the development of new facilities such as an unirradiated fuels characterisation facility, a process line for fast reactor fuel waste, construction of a low-level waste repository and dismantling facilities for the fast reactors.

DSRL outlined the shape of the revised programme at a meeting with supply chain companies.

DSRL presentation to the supply chain – December 2010.