Exercise to test 999 services

Exercise to test 999 services

An exercise is being held in Inverness on Wednesday, September 22, to test how the 999 services would respond to an accident at Dounreay.

The nuclear and chemical hazards at Dounreay are reducing as more of the site is cleaned out and demolished.

Until decommissioning is complete, however, the site continues to exercise its emergency arrangements on a regular basis, as a requirement of the site licence regulated by the Health and Safety Executive.

The site carries out an average of 20 emergency drills each year, ranging in scale from local plant evacuations to site-wide shutdowns.

The site is also required to demonstrate how its emergency arrangements integrate with those of the 999 services in the Highlands.

The next such exercise, code-named Delta 46, takes place on Wednesday, September 22, at the headquarters of Northern Constabulary in Inverness.

The day-long exercise will test how the emergency services respond to a simulated accident at Dounreay.

Police, fire, ambulance and NHS will be among those taking part. The event will be assessed by the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate of the HSE.

All exercise activity will be desk-based and confined to the vicinity of the police HQ. Decommissioning work at the site is unaffected.