Heritage strategy to be published next month

Heritage strategy to be published next month

Britain’s first heritage strategy for a nuclear site is set to be published next month.

It follows consultation with the public and historical bodies about the current heritage activities at the former fast reactor research site at Dounreay and which other aspects could be preserved for future generations.

The site is recognised for a world-leading contribution to nuclear energy in the 20th century but is on course to be flattened over the next couple of decades.

The strategy will set out how decommissioning contractor DSRL intends to record and preserve aspects of the site on behalf of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority so that future generations can interpret its significance.

It will cover the buildings at the site as well as “softer” aspects such as the memories of workers, archive records and images.

The document will be published on September 15 when the strategy is presented to the site stakeholder group.