New clean-up contracts will reduce cost to NDA

New clean-up contracts will reduce cost to NDA

Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd has awarded contracts worth in excess of £12 million to three companies to provide skilled staff for the next phase of dismantling the site.

NDSL, Nuvia and Morson International will supply up to 70 “decommissioning operatives” capable of dismantling plant and machinery in some of the most hazardous areas of the site.

They will work across a range of decommissioning projects at the former nuclear research and development site under the supervision of DSRL staff.

The workers operate at the front-line of decommissioning, wearing protective equipment such as airline suits to clean out and dismantle redundant cells and facilities where radioactive materials were processed.

DSRL invited companies to tender for a four-year contract to replace the existing contract when it expires next month.

A key requirement of bidders was to show where savings could be made in support costs associated with the work.

The successful bids are expected to result in savings to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority of several million pounds over the lifetime of the contract.

The new contracts come into effect on August 1.