Heritage plan moves a step closer

Heritage plan moves a step closer

A heritage strategy for one of the UK’s most important nuclear sites of the 20th century has moved a step closer.

It follows the conclusion of a three-month period during which the public was invited to comment on aspects of the former fast reactor research site at Dounreay that should be preserved for future generations.

A total of 36 individuals and organisations submitted responses to a draft heritage strategy produced by Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd with Atkins.

It is believed to be the first time in the UK that a heritage strategy has been developed for an entire nuclear site.

James Gunn, DSRL heritage officer, said the site was grateful to everyone who took time to submit their views.

"We’ve started to consider all the responses in detail," he said. "We’ll respond in due course by explaining what we intend to do with everyone’s ideas and suggestions and we’ll also publish this on our website.

"It is our intention to publish both the responses received and a final report that sets out our thinking in light of the feedback.

"The report will make recommendations to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, which owns the site, on how we decommission the site in a way that captures those aspects worthy of preservation, so that we leave behind a legacy that future generations can interpret and enjoy."