DSRL continues to reduce in size

DSRL continues to reduce in size

DSRL is updating staff, trade unions and key stakeholders about the latest forecasts for continued planned reductions in its workforce as more of the site is decommissioned.

Staffing levels at the site licence company have dropped from a peak of just under 1300 in 2005 to approximately 970 today as the hazard has reduced.

Further significant reductions in hazard are expected over the next three years and this will mean further reductions in the size of the site licence company. Up to 180 fewer posts will be needed in the site licence company during this period.

DSRL managing director Simon Middlemas said: “These reductions are planned and an inevitable consequence of closing down a site. The more successful we are at decommissioning, the fewer people we need in the site licence company.

“A number of personal development and career planning programmes are in place for staff and have been for several years, to help them plan their transition to other employment outwith Dounreay. We’ll continue to work closely with local regeneration agencies to support their efforts to match up surplus skills from Dounreay with potential new employers in the area.”

The site licence company is the largest of some 50 companies working on the site closure programme, employing about half the total workforce at Dounreay.