Dounreay workers achieve a year without ‘lost time accident’

Dounreay workers achieve a year without ‘lost time accident’

Dounreay’s workforce has notched up a staggering 3.76 million man hours without an industrial work-related personal injury that results in more than three days off work.

This equates to one calendar year without such an injury.

Although separate areas of the site have achieved excellent safety records, this is the first time that the site as a whole has reached a year without lost time accident.

Dounreay’s decommissioning programme currently involves construction as well as demolition work, with its inherent hazards.

Alan Scullion, Dounreay’s head of safety, said that the workforce should be proud of their achievement.

“During the last few years there has been a significant improvement in our accident and incident statistics, and monitoring and changing our behaviour has been an integral part of this achievement,” he said.

“We want our workers to go home with the same numbers of fingers and toes as they had when they came to work.”

Every month that the site goes without a lost-time accident earns a £2,500 pay-out for local charities.

The money is donated to the Dounreay Communities Fund, which supports charitable groups in Caithness and north Sutherland. The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority also gives £20,000 to the fund.

Alan Scullion said the pay-out was welcome but it underlined the site’s need to work even harder on its zero-tolerance policy towards safety breaches.