Looking inside the Dounreay prototype fast reactor

Looking inside the Dounreay prototype fast reactor

DSRL’s specialist in-house design team have designed some ingenious inventions over the years.

Inspections of the Prototype Fast Reactor’s hazardous reactor core have been performed by remotely controlled devices resembling a giant anaconda, a one-eyed Cyclops and a child’s slinky toy to name but a few; all with combined drilling and camera capability built to withstand and measure high radiation levels.

Mike Brown, reactor decommissioning unit manager said: “The reactor dismantling project is critical to the decommissioning of PFR.

“To safely take apart the plant we need to inspect all the nooks and crannies within the reactor before we can begin the final phase of work which is to remove the reactor vessel. The design of purpose built equipment is invaluable to us.”

A film showing some of the camera footage obtained during the project can be viewed on the video library.