Reactor dismantling gathers pace

Reactor dismantling gathers pace

Preparations for the removal and clean-out of the third giant PFR dirty dump tank are underway.

The massive cylinder has been isolated and dismantled from its surrounding support structures ready to be hoisted out.

Once an integral part of the heat transfer system, two of the four colossal metal tanks have already been safely removed from the redundant plant. The solidified sodium which resembles pink putty is then dug out using high powered chisels ready for size reduction and disposal.

Three of the tanks formed part of the reactors protection system, where sodium from the secondary circuits could be dumped in case of emergency and the fourth and largest tank was part of the system that cleaned and filtered the sodium before it was pumped back into the secondary sodium circuit.

Removal of all four tanks is expected to be complete by May this year which paves the way for the next phase of stripping out the former reactor building.