DSRL welcomes assurance on funding

DSRL welcomes assurance on funding

Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd today welcomed an announcement by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority about funding for the site beyond 2011.

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, which funds the clean-up work carried out by DSRL, said spending was assured at up to £150 million a year.

This is broadly similar to current levels of expenditure on the site closure programme.

The announcement followed discussions between the NDA and UK Government ahead of the launch next month of competition for ownership of DSRL, the company licensed by regulators to carry out the work. The successful bidder will take over DSRL in 2012 and complete the clean-up.

Randall Bargelt, local director of the NDA, said the funding package would maintain the momentum of decommissioning and retain the strong pool of skills at Dounreay, while the competition would bring greater innovation and efficiency to the work.

Simon Middlemas, managing director of DSRL, described it as a “very good outcome in a very tough climate for public funds”.

He added: “The assurance of funding up to £150 million is a good platform on which to plan a stable forward programme of work. It is an opportunity to continue the significant reduction in hazards already achieved at Dounreay. ”

DSRL will work closely with regulators, NDA and other stakeholders to amend its forward plans, based on the new funding arrangement from 2011 onwards. This will identify those decommissioning and waste management projects taken forward in the short term and those that are rephased.

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