Flask goes as full-scale decommissioning of plant begins

Flask goes as full-scale decommissioning of plant begins

 The team cleaning out the fast reactor reprocessing plant in Dounreay’s fuel cycle area lined up to say goodbye to the last of the ‘Punit’ flasks as it made its final journey.

The 15-tonne flask was a shielded tank used to transport plutonium nitrate liquor, produced during the reprocessing of PFR fuel, to Sellafield by sea.

The departure of the ‘Punit’ flasks follows a four-year programme by the DSRL decommissioning team to transfer the remaining plutonium nitrate to another storage facility onsite. The programme also involved the washout and clean up of the flasks and the evaporation and storage plant pipework and tanks.

The flasks and plant were decontaminated with an acid wash and transported on its dedicated trailer to the another facility for consignment as low level waste.

The removal of the plutonium nitrate and the departure of the flasks means that the decommissioning team can now turn their attention to decommissioning the PFR fuel reprocessing facility as well as the plutonium nitrate evaporation and storage plant.

Pictured are some of the decommissioning team.