Archive film of Dounreay released on internet

Archive film of Dounreay released on internet

Historic film of the construction of Britain’s experimental fast breeder reactor at Dounreay can now be viewed on the internet.

Its release comes almost exactly 50 years to the day when the plant give Britain the world lead in the quest for more efficient ways to generate electricity from plutonium and uranium.

The five-minute film is a compilation of hours of black and white footage recorded during the construction phase 1955-59.

An estimated 3000 people were involved in the construction phase.

The culmination of the massive building programme was reached on November 14, 1959, when the reactor went “critical” and established Britain as the leading country in the development of fast reactors. The reactor shut down in 1977 and its dismantling is now one of Britain’s key decommissioning projects.

The film can be viewed in the video library of and is also available on You Tube.