Dounreay publishes plan of future work

Dounreay publishes plan of future work

Dounreay has published details of £114m worth of contracts to be placed during the next three years.

The procurement plan lists 261 contracts which will go to tender between October 2009 and October 2012.

Tom Cummings, DSRL’s head of commercial services, said that the plan was the site’s way of helping its supply chain to understand DSRL’s business needs over the next three year business cycle.

"The procurement plan has been prepared on the basis of DSRL’s annual site funding limit remaining aligned to the current life time plan; should DSRL’s funding profile be impacted by the next three year comprehensive spending review, then obviously this will have a knock-on effect on the procurement plan," he said.

"DSRL trust that by providing our supply chain with a three year look ahead of our requirements, this will assist our supply chain in identifying key prospects they wish to target at Dounreay and help them develop their mid-term business plans and strategic diversification plans to ensure they have a sustainable future.

"In these financially challenging times, there is more need than ever for DSRL and its supply chain to deliver the best value for money possible to the NDA and the UK tax payer.

"DSRL value the continued support of the many high quality companies in the Highlands and beyond who support us in our mission of delivering the site to its interim end state by 2025or earlier.

The site’s annual procurement plan is updated regularly and can be viewed on the website here.