Dounreay fast reactor old stack to be scrapped

Dounreay fast reactor old stack to be scrapped

 Another relic of Dounreay’s past is about to be consigned to history.

The original ventilation stack from the Dounreay Fast Reactor is about to be decontaminated and cut up.

Measuring 28 metres in length and weighing almost 24 tonnes, the stack served as the exhaust for the ventilation system in DFR during its operational days.

It was taken down at the turn of the century when the DFR decommissioning team needed a more modern ventilation system.

A replacement stack costing £750,000 – designed to replicate the silhouette of the original reactor – was installed in its place.

The redundant chimney, meanwhile, was sealed and placed in storage at the decontamination area towards the eastern end of the site.

A waste team has now begun work scrapping it.

The first step was to get JGC and Simpson’s crane to lift the 24-tonne chimney into a position where workers can go inside and decontaminate.

They’ll use another redundant piece of reactor hardware – the air lock entry chamber removed from DMTR – as a containment barrier.

Once it’s decontaminated, the stack will be cut up and packaged as low-level waste.