Dounreay delivers £6m in savings to NDA

Dounreay delivers £6m in savings to NDA

The performance of Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd during its first year of operation is highlighted in the newly-published annual report and accounts of its parent body, UKAEA.

During 2008/09, DSRL delivered 97 per cent of its clean-up programme for four per cent less than estimated, reducing the cost to taxpayers and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority by £6 million.

The UKAEA group report highlights a number of achievements, including the record-breaking destruction of more than 1500 tonnes of liquid metal and the successful first stage of decommissioning the underground waste shaft at Dounreay.

“Innovative approaches have produced new solutions to meet technical challenges, such as the development of remotely operated equipment to deal with hazardous and inaccessible environments,” states group chief executive and former Dounreay site director Norman Harrison in his overview.

“However, not all solutions need to be high technology to be effective, as we demonstrated by the use of a household cleaner to clean plutonium contaminated glassware, a good common sense approach.”

The report outlines a number of achievements by DSRL in its first year:

• 97 per cent of programme delivered to NDA

• 88 per cent of performance-based incentives met

• All emissions with limits

• Demolition of the plutonium criticality laboratory

• Scotland’s first nuclear fuel pond decommissioning completed

• Almost 5000 drums of low-level radioactive waste processed

• More than 600 drums of intermediate-level waste from processing of historic liquors.

• Offshore particle clean-up started

• Strategy published for contaminated land.

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