PFR offices ready for demolition

PFR offices ready for demolition

Erected at Dounreay in the early seventies to house the PFR installation and reactor commissioning teams, the cluster of ‘temporary’ office buildings, known as DN023, now sit empty ready for demolition. 

The huts were previously built and used at Harwell prior to being transferred several hundred miles for use at Dounreay.

Last to leave and one of the first to occupy the complex nearly forty years ago was Nuvia employee George Vallance. George occupied the portacabin in 1971 when employed by UKAEA as part of the PFR project team. He was then seconded to The Nuclear Power Group during the construction of PFR and returned in 2007 as a project engineer for Nuvia, working on PFR safety documentation. George has since relocated into the PFR main building.

DN023 is now boarded up and in a cold and dark state ready for demolition.

George is pictured with the PFR construction team in 1971, standing seventeenth from left-right along the back row.