Heritage agency in talks with site

Heritage agency in talks with site

Officials from Dounreay and Historic Scotland met today for talks about a heritage strategy for the site.

Malcolm Cooper, chief inspector for Historic Scotland, and the agency’s head of listing Debbie Mays are on a two-day visit to the site.

A draft heritage strategy prepared by consultants W.S. Atkins has been shared with Historic Scotland.

It will set out how the site intends to preserve important aspects of Dounreay for future generations.

The report is due for publication later this year when members of the public will be encouraged to comment on the proposed approach.

James Gunn, heritage strategy manager with Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd, said: “We want to strike the right balance between cost-effective decommissioning and preservation of those aspects that will be important to future generations.

“We value the interest and support being shown by Historic Scotland and look forward to refining our draft strategy to reflect their views and advice.”