Skyline change at Dounreay as facility is demolished

Skyline change at Dounreay as facility is demolished

Dounreay’s skyline is set to change as another important facility is turned to rubble.

Demolition of the redundant experimental criticality cell and peripheral buildings is well underway.

The plutonium criticality laboratory carried out experiments in the 1950s that were of vital importance to the embryonic British nuclear industry as a whole. Following an eight-year intensive clean up programme, it is now being flattened.

Local contractor Gunn is demolishing the facility. Its powerful diggers tore into the buildings, leaving the hexagonal structure that once housed the criticality cell standing alone.

The rubble will be separated into piles of clean metal, to be recycled, and concrete debris, which will be reused on site.

DSRL project manager Charlie Fowler expects the facility to be totally demolished by the end of March.

“This challenging project has removed a heavily contaminated facility with its associated hazards, “ he said. “It has also eliminated the costs associated with maintaining an ageing building.”