New report lists R & D opportunities

A new report lists more than 100 opportunities for research and development to support the decommissioning of the site.

The 68-page document summarises the technical development work contained in the lifetime plan. It describes the work that still needs to be done to confirm the techniques for each of the clean-up projects.

The document is likely to be of particular interest to the supply chain.

Of the 102 tasks identified in the report, 15 involve R & D of robotics and remote handling equipment, 12 are for waste conditioning and encapsulation and 11 involve remediation of contaminated land.

Other topics include fuel extraction, sludge removal, mercury clean-up and remote viewing and assay.

“As the lifetime plan develops over time, some technology needs will be met and the development work completed, while other new technology needs may be identified, for example in response to changes in decommissioning or waste management strategy or to address issues identified during implementation of the site’s programme,” states the report.

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