Recycling initiative earns award for Dounreay

Recycling initiative earns award for Dounreay

Dounreay’s commitment to recycling clean waste has earned them a bronze award (one star) by a new rating scheme, National Recycling Stars.

National Recycling Stars, run by Letsrecycle and Shanks Waste Management, awards stars to organisations within the UK that clearly demonstrate an ongoing commitment to recycling and to improving the environment.

Facilities management company Johnson Controls runs the site’s recycling programme, with support from the DSRL waste services unit.

Johnson Control’s logistics and supply manager Steve Strange praised the team work involved in the ambitious programme. “The staff who carry out the recycling deserve to be congratulated on this achievement,” he said.

“Our target now is to earn our silver award of two stars, which means encouraging everyone on site to recycle even more.”

Since the scheme began in April 2005 Dounreay has recycled 1,054 tonnes of clean scrap metal and 131 tonnes of paper.