New ventilation stacks arrive at Dounreay

New ventilation stacks arrive at Dounreay

The first pieces of two 30 metre high ventilation stacks have arrived at Dounreay.

They were transported from nearby Janetstown where local company JGC is turning more than 300 tonnes of steel into a network of ducts and chambers that will form the ventilation system needed to decommission more than a dozen of the most hazardous facilities at the site.

It is expected to take another nine months to install the fans, electrical infrastructure, supports, ducts, chambers and stacks.

The new system will extract filtered air from some of the most hazardous facilities in the Fuel Cycle Area – the complex of buildings that includes old reprocessing plants, chemical works, waste and fuel stores.

The £7.4 million project will replace the FCA’s existing ventilation system which dates from the 1950s and is incapable of supporting the phased clean-out and demolition of these plants.

“The new ventilation system will give greater protection to both the workforce and the environment,” explained project manager Iain Lyall.

“I am pleased that the work is being carried out by local contractors who are proving themselves to be more than capable of meeting all the challenges of this project head on, and delivering the work on schedule.”