Countdown to demolition for plutonium criticality laboratory

Countdown to demolition for plutonium criticality laboratory

The last ventilation fan has been turned off for the final time in what was once Dounreay’s dirtiest building.

The plutonium criticality research laboratory is being prepared for demolition after an eight year clean up programme.

A team of workers from Doosan Babcock, NDSL, Nuvia and DSRL have been working since 2000 to empty and clean out the heavily contaminated facility. They made many thousands of ‘entries’ into the building in protective clothing and breathing apparatus, to carry out heavy industrial work.

The building has now been handed over to the site decommissioning department’s conventional demolition experts.

DSRL managing director Simon Middlemas said, “Demolition of this building will mark yet another milestone in decommissioning Scotland’s biggest civil nuclear site.

“This hugely challenging project has been completed with an excellent safety and environmental performance, and the decommissioning team can be rightly proud of their achievement.”