DSRL signs £13m contract with BNS Nuclear Services

Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd has signed a contract with BNS Nuclear Services for maintenance and operations in support of decommissioning the site’s two fast reactors.

The contract is valued at £13 million and will run for three years, with options to extend by up to two years. It begins officially on November 1.

Until now, four different companies have provided maintenance and operations support at the two reactors.

The appointment of BNS Nuclear Services will bring together under one management the work previously done by the four companies

Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd believes this will improve the flexibility of the workforce by creating a single set of procedures and systems for both reactor projects.

“The reactor support services contract is the first step towards integrating the decommissioning of both reactors,” explained Audrey Cooper, DSRL’s contract project manager.

“DSRL and BNS are working very closely together to achieve a smooth transition from the existing arrangements so that we can begin to realise the benefits of an integrated workforce and procedures across both reactors.”

BNS Nuclear Services managing director Martin Austick said: “BNS Nuclear Services, which is now part of the Babcock International Group, is delighted to have been awarded this major contract to support DSRL in the operations and maintenance of its two fast reactors on the Dounreay site. This contract builds on BNS Nuclear Services’ commitment to the Dounreay site over the last decade and enables us to increase our contribution to the Caithness economy.”

BNS Nuclear Services site agent David Hubbard said: “This contract is an excellent result for the efforts our team put into understanding the requirements of the work and proposing a programme of short- and medium-term improvements. Our transition team is working hard to effect the smooth transfer of the workforces from the other contractors at the end of October, while meeting all the safety requirements associated with the site licence conditions. We really value having the opportunity to meet the challenge of introducing innovations across the western half of the site.”

Meanwhile, work has started to amalgamate the DSRL management of the two reactor decommissioning projects. A small project team, lead by Doug Shanks, has been appointed to work on a phased merger.

DSRL, a subsidiary of UKAEA, is contracted by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority to manage and implement the site clean-up and closure programme.