Dounreay publishes 08/09 socio-economic plan

Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd has published its socio-economic development plan for 2008/09, setting out the actions it is taking to manage the impact of site closure.

These include support for workers to transition to alternative economic activity during the lifespan of the closure programme and support to a number of outside organisations and agencies in their quest to diversify the economic base of the area.

An important area being developed by DSRL is the potential of existing in-house service functions to be nurtured as prospective businesses in their own right that can prosper beyond site closure.

The measures being taken by DSRL on behalf of the NDA are part of the broader action plan for Caithness and north Sutherland being co-ordinated by a regeneration partnership that includes Highlands and Islands Enterprise, the development agency of the Scottish Government.

The latest long-range decommissioning plan presented to the NDA sets a date of 2025 for completion of the site clean-up, seven years earlier than the previous plan. The concentration of work into fewer years means that employment levels are likely to remain higher for longer, but decline more steeply towards the end of the programme.

Some 2000 people are currently employed on the site clean-up, representing one in every five jobs locally.

Click here to read the 2008/09 development plan.