Next steps to decommission Dounreay’s Shaft

Next steps to decommission Dounreay’s Shaft

Dounreay’s shaft isolation project is nearing completion so what happens next on one of the world’s biggest decommissioning projects?

The next step to decommission the shaft is to remove the waste, but before the waste removal facilities can be constructed, work needs to be done on the area of ground where these building are to be built.

This enabling project involves drilling further boreholes for investigation of the ground conditions, the existing low active drain currently runs through the area required for the facilities so a new section of the low active drain is to be built and the old part removed. Rock and soil will be removed taking the ground back to rock level and also new services for the planned waste removal facilities will be installed.

The cost for this enabling work is in the region of £6.8million and is expected to take until 2012 to complete. The first part of the work will be the ground investigation work and this contract is expected to go out to tender this month.

This ground enabling work is being carried out by most of DSRL’s project team who worked on the shaft isolation project. George Groat, project manager, said: “We have a good team here who worked well together on the successful isolation project. As a team we are pleased to be moving forward to the next stage of decommissioning the shaft.”