Overhead travelling crane modernised to help clean up

Overhead travelling crane modernised to help clean up

 The 25 ton electric overhead travelling crane serving the Dounreay materials test reactor support building recently had a complete overhaul and update. This involved lifting the body of the crane out through the roof of the building. 

The crane had been in use for the past fifty years, and needed modernisation. As it will be an essential part of the future decommissioning programme for the building, its reliability is an important issue.

The crane cross travel crab, hoist, motors and electrical panels were all replaced with modern parts supplied by KONECRANES Ltd of East Kilbride.

To facilitate their removal, the decommissioning team removed a section of the roof and replaced it with a permanent hatch.

The hatch has been strategically positioned over the post irradiation examination cave, so that large items can be craned out of the building when the cave is cleaned out later in the year.