DSRL becomes site licence company

The management and contractual arrangements for delivery of the site clean-up programme at Dounreay change today.

Prior to April 1, the programme was delivered by the Dounreay division of the UK Atomic Energy Authority under the terms of a contract with the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

UKAEA is being restructured so that the management of the decommissioning of its former research sites can be put out to competition by the NDA.

At Dounreay, the UKAEA has evolved into a site licence company.

Most of the workforce employed previously by UKAEA at Dounreay become employees of Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd with effect from today. Terms and conditions are unchanged.

DSRL has succeeded UKAEA as the body licensed by the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate and authorised by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency.

DSRL will continue to deliver the programme agreed previously between UKAEA and the NDA under a new contract with the NDA.

The formation of a site licence company is the latest stage in a process to introduce competition for the £2.5 billion clean-up programme.

Pending competition for ownership of DSRL, the new company will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of UKAEA Ltd, another new company being formed as a result of restructuring.

A small number of positions within the senior management of the site licence company are occupied by staff seconded full-time from UKAEA Ltd and its business partners, AMEC and CH2MHILL.