Change at the top

Change at the top

The site welcomes James Biggs who will take over responsibility for delivering essential site services to support the decommissioning programme. 

James – known as JR – brings over 30 years experience working in the nuclear field. An AMEC employee, seconded to DSRL, he spent the first 13 years of his working life in the US Navy before moving to the Hanford nuclear site where he held several management positions including the responsibility for maintaining safe storage and sampling of tank waste and transfer of millions of gallons of liquids into modern tanks. He also has extensive experience in facility maintenance, emergency arrangements and design work.

JR is married and has a 7 month old son. He has moved into a house at Forss and is looking forward to spending his first summer in Caithness. His hobbies include golf and hiking but he spends most of his spare time with his wife, Melissa, and son exploring locally.

JR said, “I am excited by this new and challenging role. Site services provides essential needs which are critical to the successful delivery of the decommissioning programme. I am joining a very capable and enthusiastic team here at Dounreay who have worked extremely hard and accomplished much to date. I look forward to working alongside everyone as we continue the safe decommissioning and environmental restoration of the Dounreay Site.”