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NDA examines options for higher activity waste

December 23, 2011

Higher activity waste at Dounreay

A new report examines how the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority can better integrate the management of higher activity waste from the clean-up of its sites in the UK, including Dounreay.

The NDA’s draft strategy development programme is open to comment until February 24.

In Scotland, national policy is for the management of higher activity waste in near-surface facilities. In England and Wales, it is by geological disposal.

“It is imperative that we ensure the very best use of these facilities as and when they become available,” states the report.

“In light of this, we believe HAW strategy should move towards:

  • Better application of the waste hierarchy including more characterisation, sorting, segregating, re-use and recycling
  • Consideration of more treatment options
  • Optimised selection of package and interim store designs
  • Greater integration across the estate, in particular by sharing treatment and interim storage assets and capabilities
  • Adoption of alternative options that mitigate risks associated with current reference strategies.”

Integrated Waste Management Draft Strategy Development Programme - NDA

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