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Dounreay invites tenders for grout plant

November 01, 2011

An invitation to tender for the design and construction of a plant to grout low-level radioactive waste at Dounreay was issued to seven companies today, following a selection process that began in July.

The companies invited to tender are Costain Oil Gas & Process Ltd, Graham Construction, Nuvia Ltd, NUKEM Technologies, ONET Technologies UK, Portasilo Ltd and
Redhall Nuclear Ltd .

Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd are looking to award the contract in March 2012.

The new plant needs to be operational by April 2014 to prepare for the first disposal of waste.

The demolition of Dounreay is expected to fill up to 7,000 shipping containers with contaminated debris, which will be grouted in the new plant prior to disposal in the vaults. 

Graham Construction will begin excavation for the first underground vault later this month.

The vaults are designed to house 240,000 tonnes of low level waste from the site clean-up.

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