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Radiation around Dounreay well below safe limit, says report

October 21, 2011

The levels of radioactivity in the environment and food in the vicinity of Dounreay are well within safe limits, according to the results of independent monitoring published today.

They are contained in Radioactivity in Food and the Environment 2010, an annual report of sampling carried out by regulators around nuclear sites and other locations in the UK.

“The continuation of our routine monitoring programmes allow us to demonstrate that radioactivity in food is well within safe levels, and the exposure of members of the public from authorised discharges and direct radiation around the 39 nuclear sites in the UK has remained within legal limits,” states the report.

In the vicinity of Dounreay, the report says the total dose to a member of the public from all sources of radiation, including discharges from the site, was less than five per cent of the legal limit. The dose from food taken from the area was less than three per cent of the legal limit.

Radioactivity in Food and the Environment (RIFE) 2010 - Food Standards Agency

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